The Government's Role in LGBT in Argentina

According to Corrales & Mario (2010), there is a separation of church and party in Argentina. There is no
strong Christian Democratic party as in Chile and Venezuela, or party with strong connections with the Opus
Dei or Evangelical groups. The legalization of same-sex marriage has pushed to government to the opposite
of Roman Catholic, though the President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and the Argentina government is both
quite tough in LGBT’s rights.

The vote of legalization of same-sex marriage was sponsored by the government of President Cristina
Fernandez de Kirchner. Andshe waged a bitter war of words with the Roman Catholic church over the issue
for weeks, saying that it would be a “terrible distortion of democracy” to deny gay couples the right to wed and
that it was time for religious leaders to recognize how much more liberal and less discriminatory the nations’
social mores had become.” (Barrionuevo, 2010) In addition, the Argentina government also provides comprehensive
civil liberty (see “Civil Liberty”) and comprehensive laws like legal people changing their legal gender (see “Laws and Religions”) to protect the rights of LGBT in a certain extent.