Basic Data
Population: 41,281,631 (2012 estimate) (Europa World Plus, 2012)
Life expectancy: 75.9 (UNDP 2011)
School life expectancy (primary to tertiary education): 16 years (CIA 2012)
GNI per capita: 14,527
HDI index rank: 45 (‘Very High’) (UNDP, 2011)
GDP:US $17,700 (2011 est.)(per capita,PPP 68th) (CIA 2012)

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Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic, is a federal presidential representative democratic Republic country in the southern South America. It has suffered from turbulent political scene and economic crisis since 1980s. But with its benefits in abundant natural resources, export-oriented agriculture, large market size, mass of highly-educated population, it is still one of the largest economics in South America (CIA 2012).

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Economic development

Argentina is one of the G-15 and G-20 major economics and it ranks “very high” (45th)(UNDP 2011) on the Human Development Index. It has abundant natural resources, export-oriented agriculture, diversity industrial foundations and well-developed tourism. Its transportation system is also one of the best country in Latin America, developed a network of highway, railway, aviation, ocean transport centers in the capital Buenos Aires (CIA 2012).

Social development

Argentina ranks 45 in the Human Development Index with the value 0.797. Its population has an average life expectancy of 75.9 and mean years of schooling of 9.3. Its well-developed welfare system and public health system benefits its people and to some extent eases its social conflicts and increasing the life happiness of its people (UNDP 2011).