The Impact of Religion on LGBT in Argentina
Argentina is a heavily Roman Catholic country that according to the CIA Factbook (2009), 92% populations
of the country are Catholic,though many of them are nominal Catholics who only attend church on specific
social occasions for examples weddings and baptism ceremonies. And only 20% practice their faith regularly
for example attending Mass every single Sunday throughout the Liturgical Year. The church attendance in
Argentina is low (22%), lower than the United States and Mexico (approximately 45%) and Brazil (36%)
(Corrales& Pecheny, 2010)

The lack of devout Catholics may be an advantage for Argentina to legalize same-sex marriage and low Church
attendance and low Evangelicalism helps predict pro-LGBT legislation because it reveals the extent of societal
secularism as well as the mobilizationweakness of the churches. But this behavior of government is still being
strongly against by the Catholic undisputed.