LGBT Development in Argentina

In a survey done by Pew Research Center (2007), people were asked that “Should homosexuality be accepted by society?” and 72% respondents said “yes” while 21% said “no” in Argentina. The 72% “yes” proportion is the biggest among all the respondent Latin America countries and it is even higher than the United States (49% respondents said “yes” and 41% chose “no”), which shows that Argentina is actually a gay-accepting majority society.

In practical, Cigliutti, the president of the Argentine Homosexual Community noted in the interview of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (2003) that the progress in changing societal attitudes regarding discrimination against the homosexual community in Argentina has been “very significant”. And although police repression and machismo are “impregnated” within Argentine culture, the LGBT movement is now a “recognized prescence” whose right to speak is defended by various communication media. Though the LGBT community faces many different realities for example, being gay in Buenos Aires is different from being gay in other provinces such as Mendoza, where discrimination is greater, or being a transvestite anywhere in Argentina will automatically result in police repression.

Argentina positions itself as one of the most gay friendly expat destinations and more and more LGBT are favor to come to Argentina as travelling especially after 2010 when Argentina legalized the same-sex marriage.

It is can even be found on the Internet about a guide of gay travelling guide to Buenos Aires (, introducing some gay clubs, gay walks and promoting the Gay Pride in Argentina and etc.