Government role in discrimination of LGBT

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1. State policy:

Banned demonstration:
LGBT in Belarus have no rights of assembly and demonstration.
Starting from 1999, all LGBT events have been banned by the government and attacked by the police.
Authorities routinely denied LGBT groups permission to hold public events especially the Gay Pride and the International Day for the Struggle against Homophobia.
The protestors frequently face violent action by police and would be arrested and jailed.
For example, In 2011, Natallya Pradzed, an LGBT activist, protest against the violation of human rights and arbitrary government policies was arrested and sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Minsk city executive committee banned the march of the Minsk Pride on October 22

15arrested in day against homophobia in minsk
Gays Arrested, Beaten at Belarus Pride
Video: Riot Police Violently End Gay Pride Parade In Belarus

2. State homophobia:

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President Lukashenka and members of Parliament always express anti-LGBT speeches publicly.
In 2005, a Belarusian MP proposed to re-criminalize homosexuality.
The European Union and USA strive to promote sexual equality in Belarus.
However, it was condemned by President Lukashenka.
He said that EU and USA are trying to "turn our girls into prostitutes , feed our citizens with illicit drugs and spread sexual perversion".
He also stated that he did not understand how two men could live together and would exile gay men to collective farms "with great pressure".
As we can see that President speeches present there is discrimination in the highest level of government.
The attitude of government strengthened the anti-LGBT sentiment in the society.
Three foreign diplomats were expelled from the country on the pretext of their sexual orientation in 2004-2006.

The country's only gay club, Oscar, was closed by the government in 2000 because police said it "gathers abnormal people".

3. Failure for authorities to protect LGBT people

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1. Inadequate preventive measures
2, Police indifferent to abuses
3. Bias against non-heterosexual forms of sexuality in the court system
4. Failure to define abuse as criminal offences
5. Legal loopholes hampering criminal prosecution.

4. Anti-LGBT agent

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KGB is a secret intelligence agency in Belarus
It is a special department set up to combat homosexuality.
The secret services used blackmail to recruit agents from the gay community.
KGB pressures GayBelarus teen activist