Social acceptance in Belarus

Belarus: Top 10 of sexual minorities most oppressing countries in Europe out of 49 countries.
Rainbow map in Europe

1. Public Opinion:
Intolerance, suspicious remains in Belarusian society.
Regard homosexuality= disease
Sexual minorities are scared of seeking protection from the human rights group.
Gay life= underground

Video: East bloc love: a documentary film showing how LGBT's human rights being violated in Eastern Euorpe countries.

2. Hate crime
According to a focus group interview of LGBT people:
75% have been violently attacked because of their sexual orientation
45% experiencing 3 or more cases violence and harrassment.

I come out when I was 13 and I was always being called a "faggot" at school. Even teachers gossiped about me ( gay man 18, Minsk)

>55% reported experiences of physical attacks against them.

Hate crime is usually committed by people within LGBT's social circle like neighbour, fellow students or co-worker and even families.
Among these, domestic violence is the most serious problem.
Individuals coming out to their families as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, particularly young people, were often rejected by their families.
This posts great emotional and psychological distress to LGBT people due to the fact that they are being isolated by their cloest person.

Report to the police? NO
1. Fear of being arrested
2. Police offers refused to take a complaint of a potential hate crime
3. Police offers failed to properly identify and investigate hate crimes
4. Afraid of revealing their sexual orientation to public

Misconception and Prejudice still exists in society !!!!!!!