In Bolivia, it is difficult for people to conceal their unusual sexuality publicly. The religion has intertwined with local custom to make the topic of homosexuality a taboo.

Since children are as young as five or six, they are encouraged to hug or kiss girls. It is to ensure their usual sexual orientation. Family norm also strongly discourages the homosexuality as it is a threat to family honor. In other words, gay or lesbian are facing much discrimination from society. Though there is law banning discrimination towards homosexuals, deep rooted prejudice always puts them to misery. For example, gay is usually the target of policeto exact illicit fines. Gay or lesbian are fired not for any excuses. According to the national group Trans, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual, in every ten people, there is at least four lose their job because their unusal sexual identity.

Besides, they are also always threatened by assault or violence. Indicated by the survey done by the same organisation, 73% have been assaulted and treated with poor attention, 75% have been psychologically aggressed by peers or even teachers.

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