Definition of Development
We have found several definitions which will be adopted in the following analysis:
(There is growing recognition and understanding about freedom which has been promoting by different transnational actors and nation actors. However, it seems that freedom is still something that is not guaranteed, or is always on the brink of disappearing.
Source of the picture: 'Freedom isn't free' 2012)

1. Development as a process of making a better life for all people (Peet & Hartwick 2009):
Basic needs should be fulfilled, and at the same time, equal treatment and repsect are also very important.

2. Development as a process of pursuing and expanding freedom (Sen 1999)
Economic growth is one indicator of development, but should not be overemphasized; we should consider "development as freedom". Economic growth does not necessarily guarantee freedom of various kind, while freedom promotes different dimentions of development, such as political and social dimensions.

In conclusion, we find that development, besides the commonly mentioned dimension of political and economic progress from a macro perspective, should also include social progress especially freedom which affects the quality of people's life. Thus, the rights of LGBT can also be an episode to examine a country's development. If sexual minorities are unequally treated, that is discriminated against by other people or even the state, their quality of life, physically and mentally, is undermined. Then we should be skeptical of the country's development. No matter how developed is its economy, it is not making a better life for everyone and it limits the freedom of this group.


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