Civil Liberty In Djibouti

No reported discrimination???

Reported discrimination against sexual orientation or gender identity is not found (US Department of State 2011: 21). However, one should remain skeptical of the reasons of no reported discrimination despite hostile attitude towards homosexuality and tough life of homosexuals.

'no reported discrimination' =/= no existence of discrimination against LGBT

Limited civil libert does a matter

In theory, civil liberty seems to be respected according to the constitutions, but people in Djibouti face many restrictions in practice (US Department of State 2011: 8).

Actions and movements of human rights organizations, labor unions and political opposition groups are always suppressed, showing the violation of freedom of association (US Department of State 2011: 11). Any criticism or opposition on the government will be supressed regardless of their forms, from individual to media. For instance, The access to websits of human rights movement are always blocked because it is regarded as a threat to the government.
Media are almost owned by state and there is no private or independent media. State-owned media means that media are required to go through censorship so that its report are consistent with government policy (US Department of State 2011: 8-10). If seems that if there are voices critizing government's attitudes towards homosexuality, they will face suppression.

(afrol News, 2012)

'no reported incidents' = silent when talking abou LGBT?
In fact, although there might be the tendency of movements or conflicts unreported, a page on facebook can be found, with some supports.It at least shows that LGBT people are aware of their rights to admit their identity but emergening efforts are limited.
(LGBT Djibouti 2012)

Civil liberty - Religion - LGBT
Beside, regarding freedom of marriage, family courts are responsible for marriage affairs with accordance
with code partly based on civil law and Islamic law, which does not accept open homosexuality
(US Partment of State 2011: 2). Therefore, it eliminates the possibility of homosexual marriage apart
from criminalizing homosexuality.