Literature Review
It is argued that if LGBT is an ordinary and normal behavior of human beings, and if LGBT are entitled to enjoying equality. However, though the below reasons, LGBT is suggested to enjoy equality:

We-re-all-still-human-lgbt-24387636-500-333.jpg1. Physically nature behavior (Chan 2005: 82)
Genetically, it has been found that some people are homosexuals in nature. Therefore, it is argued that actions 'remeding' their nature is a restriction to their basic human rights.

2. Misconception on the correlation between LGBT and HIV:
There have been pieces of evidences showing sometimes heterosexuals get higher chances of getting HIV
'since 1984 [up to and including the second quarter of 2004 in Hong Kong], around 79
per cent have acquired the infection through sexual contact, of those 70 per cent resulted
from heterosexual transmission (Chan 2005: 78).

(Picture from MrOrange16 2011)

3. The concept of equality (Chan 2005)
It is noted that if different minorities, like religious and ethnic minorities, are sometimes acceptable, then why sexual minorities are left behind. Here is a interesting equality wheel found on the webpage called Room To Be Safe (n.d.) and can show what LGBT groups hoping all round the world:

There are many literature exmaining whether LGBT worth equality, the situation of LGBT, and the factors of the LGBT development.
For instance, Chan (2005) demonstrates how LGBT is unequally treated in Hong Kong. Sraj (2012) analyzes how Islam brings suffering to Muslim lesbians. Ocha tries to conduct a reseach about the sex industry in Thailand and how new attitudes and behviors are formed in Thailand, but it seems that the other side of LGBT in Thailand, like the opposition, needs further investigations.

Most of them only focus on the impacts of a particular factor on LGBT but there are few articles providing a broader perspective on the possibilities on relationship between LGBT and level of development. We are especially curious aboutTherefore, we decide to explore more about these possibilities, and raises a research question of What the relationship is between the degree of development of a country and sexual equality.

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