Civil Liberty Related to LGBT in Nepal

Freedom House categorizes Nepal as partly free (Freedom House 2012). Political conflict has led to numerous human rights violations and civil liberties have been limited. Discrimination against sexuality has been ubiquitous.


Blue Diamond Society is the only human rights organization for LGBT in Nepal. It seeks to improve the sexual health, human rights and well being of LGBT in Nepal. The constitution didn’t recognize sexual minorities when it was registered, so BDS was registered as a sexual health programme rather than an NGO for sexual minorities.

It has organized innovative events such as a beauty pageant and two pride festivals. It has been very active in advocating for the rights of people. Its media exposure is high at home and abroad. In 2007, the organization won the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's Felipa de Souza Award.


gaijatra_2010 (5).jpg

(Mr. & Miss Third Gender 2010,
Source: Blue Diamond Society)

(First International GAIJATRA Pride Festival 2010,
Source: Blue Diamond Society)

The president Sunil Pant has announced plans of the Nepal Tourism Board to promote Nepal as a gay-friendly tourist destination. It has also organised Nepal’s – and indeed Asia’s – first national LGBT Games. Covering a two-week period, the games will showcase LGBT athletes competing in sports such as volleyball, football, athletics, martial arts, tennis and more (Pokharel & Rana 2012).

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Nepal to Host LGBT ‘Olympics’


Many in Nepal have welcomed the initiative. “I cannot speak on behalf of the government but, in my view, the event will definitely bridge barriers and alter mindsets,” Keshav Raj Pokharel, a senior official at Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told India Real Time.

(Pokharel & Rana 2012)


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