Why are we interested in LGBT ?

Since this course introduces the idea that development should not only include economic development, but more importantly human development. We decide to investigate human rights issues which have not been discussed in the class. Issues like exploitation over working class, poor living standards of many Africans have been discussed.

(Picture, source:Englehart 2005)

We then are inspired by the news in September that Raymond Chan urges the anti-discrimination legislation for homosexuals. We know that there's no legitimacy for same-sex marriage in Hong Kong, but we had not noticed the differentiation between homosexuality and heterosexuality in anti-discrimination law, given that Hong Kong is not a city with low level of development. It is quite shocked that Hong Kong at the international level is already relatively free, and we living in Hong Kong also share the same views.

News: How gay-friendly is Hong Kong? It depends. (The Wall Street Journal, 18 May 2012)
Other news:
Hong Kong sees its first out gay politician:
Ray Chan Chi-chuen pledges to fight for gay rights in the city’s Legislative Council

Therefore, does LGBT have something special? Why is Hong Kong still lacking behind in terms of LGBT rights?

And we also agree to the speech made by Hilary Clinton about LGBT:

LGBT should also be given rights, equality and respect.

The shocks resulted from Hong Kong's situaton and the inspiration brought by the video provide incentives to us to investigate the relationship between LGBT rights and the level of development.

The world map for LGBT---Does countries' level of development account for the difference?
(source: 76 crimes, 2012)