Government's attitude to LGBT

Open in surface, Conservative indeed

1. Making use of transsexual as a tool for tourism
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What Thailand government did is to build a image to the foreigners to present themselve as the most open countries for LGBT. They hold Miss Tiffany's Universe- a beauty contest for transgender people every year (Tourism Authority of Thailand 2012). However, their motives are hoping to attract more tourists to see the beauty contest and ladyboy shows. Transgender becomes a tool for government to make money.

2. Banning LGBT activities
The government banned the Chiand Mai Gay Pride 2008 when facing the violence protest by a homophobia group- Rak Chiang Mai 51. Government agencies showed disapproval of the event. The police not only didn't help but even pressured the organizers to apologise to the abusers. Chiang Mai Gay Pride organizers were told by the authorities that there would be not objection if the parade was held on some back streets and other activities shifted to inside hotel (IGLHRC 2010).

This is in fact a relfection of state homophobia and it creates an atmosphere in which local governments and non-state actors feel that oppression against LGBTs in acceptable. This kind of state homophobia can lead to social homophobia and extending to the community.

3. Police ignoring hate crimes towards LGBT
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During 2006-2012, it is reported that there are 15 murders of LGBT. The youngest victim is only 17. A 14 years old girl was raped by her father when she was 10 because she "liked to hang out with toms". The killing and rapes of lesbians and toms represents a callous disregrad for humanity. Police fails to prevent and investigate properly. They only dismiss the crimes as crimes of passion, love gone wrong or the fault of the victims. This shows the state's implicit approval of the homophobic violence. The state even ignore the UN's resolution on LGBT human rights (IGLHRC 2012).

Other examples:
A) Election:
external image 1votecheckpencil.jpgPolling officials claims that transsexuals's ID card pictures were too confusing.
Transgender people are being marginalized and this increases the barriers in voting right.

B) Ban films about transgender person:
Thailand's film board has banned a movie about a transgender father struggiling to raise two children. The government claims that it contains immoral and pornographic scenes ('Thailand bans "immoral" film about transgender father' (2010).

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